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Meet your kinky crafter

slave joy, (she/her) embraces her Mi’kmaq First Nations heritage with her spiritual path of slavery in a 2 fold manner of intentional service. The first fold of her spiritual service path is to her Master and his Household for their highest good. The 2nd fold is service to the betterment of the earth and her children. She is honored to serve her Master, be a licensed massage therapist, a certified life coach and support over 6 various kink and BDSM community organizations embodying the spiritual practice of her soul and culture by caring for others through service.

As a queer indigenous small business entrepreneur she is excited to handcraft unique fun affordable toys that leave sexy marks and bruises creating deeper connection to self and others. She hopes to spread millions of hurt so good moments including laughter, cathartic tears, and many unforgettable bonding memories of scenes across the world!